Medical Securement Device Total Solution

Product description


Universal Tube Holders

Secure, reliable and simple to use. The WellEmpire universal tube holders provides comfortable support, giving patients the freedom to move around freely and safely.


Sizes are fully adjustable and can be cut to fit

Clear instructions, enabling correct, convenient fitting

Reusable, washable hypoallergenic fabric strap with silicone technology to ensure a firm grip to the skin without slipping or irritation

Simple design to keep tubing in a fixed position, absorbing any pulling on the indwelling catheter yet allowing natural movement – so there's no tension on the urethra or bladder neck


You can use the WellEmpire Catheter Strap to support urethral catheters, suprapubic catheters and sheath systems. It fixes on either the catheter or leg bag tubing

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