Medical Securement Device Total Solution

Product description


Support Belt for Lumbar Pain Relief

Effectively reduces the risk of re-injury to lumbar muscles, tendons, and ligaments. Relieves muscle hypertension due to poor posture.


SKIN-FRIENDLY STRAP features micro-hooks that won’t scratch or irritate the skin, or inadvertently damage clothing

BROAD-COVERAGE adjustable straps give users the flexibility to make minor changes in tightness quickly & assist in evenly distributing support

FIRM SUPPORT at the lumbar assists backs fatigue due to muscle hypertension, poor sitting posture, dancing, or improper lifting of heavy objects

LIGHT & EFFICIENT design meets extended support the ultrathin, mesh fabric is perfect for prolonged wear throughout the day beneath clothing especially for chronic, acute back sprain


No matter if it's at work or around the house, WellEmpire Back Brace offers the right combination of smart support & comfort

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